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Manifest Destiny III Freeway Signs Sculpture Painting Minimum Wage Poster For the War Effort

The Mexican-American War
59 Star Flag Installations on "Manifest Destiny" (phase 1) Landmarks in California.

California Locations:

No. 525 Sutter's Fort
July 11, 1846: Capt. John C. Fremont took command for a short period because of Sutter's relationship with the Mexican government and raised the 28 star
American flag, replacing the Lone Star flag, of the Bear Flag Revolt in Sonoma.
Location: Sutter's Fort State Historic Park, Sacramento, Ca.

discovered and raided

No. 1 Customs House
July 7, 1846: Commodore John Drake Sloat raised the American flag over this building to signal the passing of California
from Mexican to American rule.
Location: Monterey State Historic Park, Monterey, Ca.

No. 533 San Pasqual
Battlefield State Historic Park

December 6, 1846: The Battle of San Pasqual, one of the significant actions during the war. A detachment of 1st U.S. Dragoons under the command of Brigadier General Stephen W. Kearny was met by native California lancers under the command of General Andrés Pico.
Location: San Pasqual Battlefield State Historic Park, Escondido, Ca.

No. 151 Campo De Cahuenga
January 13th, 1847: The Treaty of Cahuenga was signed by General Andrés Pico, of Mexico, and Lieutenant-Colonel
J. C. Frémont, of the U.S. Army.
Location: 3919 Lankershim Blvd,
North Hollywood, Ca.

Fort Moore Pioneer Memorial
July 4,1847: Designated as Fort Moore, after Captain Benjamin D. Moore, who was killed in the Battle of San Pasqual. Captain Archibald H. Gillespie and the First United Stated Dragoons built a rudimentary barricade on the prominent hill overlooking Los Angeles in 1846.
Location: Hill Street, between Temple Street and Ord Los Angeles, Ca.

discovered and raided

discovered and raided

No. 152 Dominguez Ranch House October 8 - 9, 1846: Californians led by José Antonio Carrillo repelled United States forces under U.S. Navy Captain William Mervine, in an attempt to recapture the Pueblo of Los Angeles.
Location: 18127 S Alameda, Compton, Ca.




Installation Dates

June 14 (flag day) Campo De Cahuenga, North Hollywood, Ca.

June 22 Battle of the Old Woman's Gun, Rancho Dominguez, Ca.

July 4 (Independence Day) Battle of San Pasqual, Escondido, Ca.

July 7 (Sloat's conquest) Customs House, Monterey, Ca.

Installations NOT related to the Mexican-American War:

August 5 Manzanar, Independence, Ca.

September "LA Driveby #1" Ginza Kyubidou Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

November 17 XXX, Ca.

November 18 XXX, Ca.

*April 28 Bergamot Station, Santa Monica, Ca.

*May 22 Venice Canal, Venice, Ca.

June 11 Fort Sutter, Sacramento, Ca.

August 17 (California annexed into the U.S.) Fort Moore, Los Angeles, Ca.

January 7 (treaty signing) XXX, Ca.

January 9 (battle of L.A.) XXX, Ca. (replacement flag)

April 28 Fort Moore, Los Angeles, Ca. (repair)

History 101

No. 850 Manzanar Relocation Center
Executive Order No. 9066
issued February 19, 1942:
In the early part of World War II 110,000 persons of Japanese ancestry were interned in relocation centers. Manzanar, the first of ten camps, confined ten thousand people, the majority of them American citizens.
Location: State Hwy 395 (P.M. 673)
South of Independence, Ca.






Tokyo, Japan
September, 2004
Installation of a 59 Star Flag, with Video
(the flag was never returned, missing in action)

" LA Driveby #1 "
Ginza Kyubidou Gallery, Tokyo, Japan.
Artists: Richard Ankrom, Emily Counts,
Betsy Davis, Amir Fallah, Julia Latane,
Robert Nichols, Max Presneill, Ali Smith.

Raid Projects, Los Angeles, Ca.
Link: >raidprojects

Manifest Destiny III Freeway Signs Sculpture Painting Minimum Wage Poster For the War Effort

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