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Guerrilla Public Service

Freeway Signs
The installation of guide signs on the 110 Pasadena freeway


A North panel and 5 shield were fabricated
and attached to the existing overhead sign because the information was missing.

It was done as an art project, without permission, called Guerrilla Public Service.

The signs were manufactured and installed to the same specifications used by Caltrans (California Transportation Authority) with the intent on safety and aesthetics.


video still: Catherine Cummings

Guerrilla Public Service

The Happy Lion, Los Angeles, Ca.
(Chinatown) May 18, 2002 >images

Update, 2009
modified sign with 5 and north (arrow) installed August 5, 2001. The signs were replaced, with the improvements, November 22, 2009

The North and 5 Shield have been
indicated on the new signs, and on
the next two northbound gantries.

The old signs were crushed into
bales and sold to China.

Caltrans awarded the sign removal and installation contract to Peterson/Chase.
Under contract they were to recycle the old signs, and did so with Garcia Recycling in Garden Grove, Ca.

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gantry nite
view from the 4th street overpass
  Guerrilla Public Service
The installation and documentation of missing information on the freeway sign system, Guerrilla Public Service. Exact reproduction of guide signs (Caltrans part numbers G-27, G-47) placed on existing structure (gantry 23100) to aid motorists to their destination and ease traffic congestion.
To prove the integrity of the arts, its place in culture and why civilization needs it. The benefits of the artistic endeavor in everyday life, what we see, don’t see, and take for granted.

For the hundreds of millions of motorists in their commute,
in which they use the freeway sign system.
  Digital compiling of six images,
showing the installation process
photos: Jim Payne >
  fwy x5
view from the 3rd street exit ramp


inside ed
(Inside Edition) photo: Catherine Cummings
>news, text

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^ film poster, click to enlarge


Guerrilla Public Service

documentary, 10 min. 2002

An artist disguised as a state employee takes a direct approach to correcting guide signs on the California freeway system. With the manufacture and installation of a duplicate route shield Interstate 5 and directional North signs to aid motorists on the 110 Pasadena freeway in downtown Los Angeles, indicating an exit two miles ahead. A first person documentation of conceptual, performance, functional and public art, taken to the realm of civic duty.
DVD-R: Guerrilla Public Service, (digital remaster) Press Clips, Happy Lion, MetaFilter Blog, (35 min. 22 sec. of video) and four slideshows, price: $30. US currency. (PayPal) tax, shipping and handling included. NSTC or PAL

compiled from video shot by Mark Concha

Film Festivals
(Guerrilla Public Service)

Take Off Your Coat. Stay Awhile
Rat Powered Films (USA)

Tarfest (USA)
6 Booths In 7 Weeks (USA)
Singes de nuit Cinema Balzac (Paris, France)
Media City 10 (Canada)
Cinema Society Of San Diego (USA)
Newtown, Reels On Wheels 5 (USA)

Video Mundi (USA)
Aurora Picture Show (USA)
Arizona State University (USA)
Images Festival (Canada)
Resfest (USA, England, Japan, Korea, Africa)

Arizona State University (USA)
Fullerton Grand Central Art Center (USA)
Santa Barbara University (USA)
Bilder Codes, ZKM (Germany-Europe)
Silverlake Film Festival (USA)
LA Freewaves (USA)
Resfest (USA, England, Japan, Korea, Africa)
American Film Institute (USA)
Newtown, Reels On Wheels 3 (USA)

> image gallery

afi fest
American Film Institute 2002 (USA) Shorts Program 2
program, I.D. badge

Center for Art and Technology (ZKM)
2002 (Germany) program, dvd

^ video stills: Catherine Cummings

^ photos: John Burgardt

Video Credits
Catherine Cummings- camera 1 (Marriott Hotel)
Amy Inouye- camera 2 (4th street bridge)
Mark Concha- camera 3 (car on freeway)
Markus Hayes- camera 3 Driver
Jason Eoff- driver/grip, camera, hand model
Adrian Velicescu c/o Standard- videotape transfer
Jim Payne- digital transfer production
Brian Groenke- digital transfer
Dell Schooley- Marriott Hotel
produced, written, directed, videotaped
and edited by Richard Ankrom

Still Photography
Gary Leonard: 4th street bridge
Jim Payne: 3rd street exit
Iva Hladir: Beaudry street
John Burgardt: artist’s studio

John Burgardt, Edward Colver, Catherine Cummings,
Mark Concha, Markus Hayes, Iva Hladir, Amy Inouye,
Gary Leonard, Andre Miripolsky, Jim Payne,
Maisun Jabban-Payne


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